I’m the adventurous type but, I don’t type very adventurously. I’ve been encouraged by many to keep a blog. For years I’ve been telling myself and others that I’m going to start one. Someplace to account and share my travels and shenanigans, for which there have been a plenty. The hardest part is just taking the time to actually do it. It’s not that I’m completely lazy. Although, I do believe there is a time for laziness and it’s actually quite healthy when sprinkled throughout a hectic life. And of course I could lay down the excuses. Excuses which are quite reasonable with which other fellow Vagabonds can attest to with ease. Such as the lack of power and wifi when one is living on the road or out of one’s car.  Such as the lack of drive to sit behind a computer instead of a fire engaging in frivolity with new-found friends. As an individual, finding motivation to seep myself into the tar pit of screenlife instead of the meaty experience of human interaction has always been most challenging.

But alas, I’m going to try now harder than ever. And as I write this I reflect on how I’ve spent almost two weeks trying to get the blog together and write my first post. How will I ever keep current if this is how I begin? Time will tell. And the usage of time will be my biggest obstacle. I’m a firm believer that the excuse of “not having the time” to accomplish something is often a cop-out and weak at best. People will dedicate their time to the things they want the most. If one doesn’t have the time to clean their kitchen, it’s because they might be choosing to spend their time else-wise. Perhaps spending it playing video games, watching t.v., playing on their phones, or going on a hike. I’ll be working on spending more time trying to engage in this platform if this is really what I want to do.

And what about content? That I believe I have plenty of. But honestly, some might view the pace of my life content to have slowed over the past few years. I don’t fully believe this to be the case. It has merely evolved and spun into a different web of captured moments. That joyous pace of past content was indeed a time to revel in and behold. Because of this I see a lot of time being dedicated to retro-writing. Accounting of my past and some of it’s most memorable occasions through this medium will be a great way to catalog memories I’d love to share and never should be forgotten.


So, who am I?

What makes up this being?


What’s in these words that makes them worth reading?

These are questions with which the answers will be drawn from the readers. I could dedicate this entire blog to the substance that makes up me. The essence that is Shelby is densely rich and often seemingly simple. But, laying out my philosophies, morals, and goals is something I really don’t want to do. This doesn’t mean that I can’t give a general lens to look through.

I’m young. Chronologically and spiritually a child who will attempt to be so as long as possible.  I need to be moving. I belive that the main reason I’m here is to enjoy this existence as much as possible before I leave it. I need to travel. I need to live out of my car. I currently work seasonally between Alaska in the summer and Colorado in the winter. My work environments reflect my attitudes and activities that make me happy. The travels and adventures between seasons make me whole. I need music in my life. I need to play it, sing it, listen to it, and dance to it. One of the most important things ever said to me was “music is something that moves”. An obvious observation to some but, these simple words have had a reflective impact on my deepest life views. I need to play games. Life is one big game. Many things throughout one’s day are just games. Beyond this overly philosophical application are the table and outdoor games that equally important to me. Table games have a special place in my life. I believe them to be equal parts enjoyable and constructive. Engaging in cognitive functions, camaraderie, friendly competition, group goal accomplishment, strategic thinking, and a tiny degree of all-around horseplay, to me, is one of the constructive and enjoyable experiences to have. I’m a socialite. Family is important. At the end of it all, each other is all we have. I need to be outside. I need to hike, swim, ski, drive, sleep in my car, camp, throw frisbees, stare into the night sky, sit around a fire, stare into it and say nothing. The open space found in nature is extremely important to me and my being. I need to laugh. Laughter is medicine and so important to happiness. I need to have fun and smile. These needs are what makes up mostly me. These needs are what will be shared mostly throughout this blog. If these are needs you have or can relate to, this blog might be something you look at occasionally. I hope you find enjoyment in the words and reflections to come from here. I hope I can deliver such words.