Where am I now?


Anchorage, Alaska


Where you can walk your reindeer. Just moved into a hotel in downtown Anchorage for 45 days to start the season and find a place to live for the summer. I’ll be in out of my town for most of my season but, Anchorage will be my homebase.


Alyeska Ski Hill, Girdwood Alaska


Got into Alaska to ski it’s one and only famous ski hill and resort! The views were incredible and unique. What a gift.


Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, British Columbia 



Stopping for a ski, soak, stay relaxation night on my way north to Alaska!


Avon, Colorado / Beaver Creek Resort



I’m currently living with some rad peoples who are great fam. We all work in Avon for Beaver Creek driving transportation for some resort villages. I came out here at the end of December to work until around the first weekend of March.  The job involves driving guests around (in sometimes treacherous conditions) to various points of interest within the villages. While not working we play in the snow. It’s a beautiful mountainous region that I’m lucky to be able to play in. The Vail Valley is expensive to live and play in, luckily I only take jobs with perks pertaining to my happiness.